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Holy Week Day 8 - Resurrection Sunday

Early Sunday morning, some of Jesus’s friends set out for His grave to anoint the body of their friend and teacher. When they arrive, however, they find the stone was rolled away and they are greeted by what one Gospel writer calls “a man dressed in lightning.” He tells them Jesus is not there, as He said. He is risen.

Today we celebrate His resurrection! Jesus conquered sin and death and rose to life eternal.

The events of this day are recorded in Matthew 28:1–20, Mark 16:1–8, Luke 24:1–53, John 20:1–21:25


Father God, we rejoice! With all creation, we rejoice in You, in Your Son, and in Your Holy Spirit! Jesus is alive and we celebrate His life. His life is eternal, and we live because of Him! May Jesus’ resurrection be apparent in our life today and every day! Hallelujah! He is risen! In Jesus’ name, we pray and rejoice! Amen.


If you're looking for Easter music, here's a playlist of recommendations -- FC Holy Week Worship.


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