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Meet Jacob

We are proud and grateful to introduce Forward City Church's 2023 Summer Student, Jacob Luyt-Dozois! Keep reading to learn more about this brother of ours, and his family.

The Luyt-Dozois family: Kiersten, Jacob, Emersyn & Elijah

  1. Jacob and his wife Kiersten met in C-K Jacob and Kiersten recently moved back to Chatham-Kent (Summer 2022) after living in the Brantford area for many years. They met at a service in Chatham, where Jacob delivered his only sermon to date.

  2. Jacob and Kiersten were adults when they decided to follow Jesus Although Jacob and Kiersten were both believers when they met, neither of them grew up with faith in Jesus as their Saviour. Christ drew each of them to Himself when they were adults, and surrounded them with rich Christian community to help support and disciple them.

  3. Kiersten is a teacher Kiersten teaches Grade 1 at Chatham Christian School, and is very passionate about helping children grow in their faith.

  4. Jacob is in between degrees Jacob is currently completing a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work through Wilfrid Laurier University, and is hoping to pursue a Master's of Divinity at McMaster Divinity College in the New Year.

  5. Jacob and Kiersten have two children Jacob and Kiersten and have two children, Elijah (almost 5) and Emersyn (almost 2). They really enjoy their children, and so do we.

  6. Jacob and Kiersten joined the Forward City family before they even moved back to Chatham Last August, before Jacob and Kiersten even bought a home in Chatham, the couple joined the Forward City family at our annual Civic Holiday Sunday gathering in Kingston Park, while they were visiting family in C-K . Kiersten had accepted her job at Chatham Christian School, and both of them were excited to build into Christian community in Chatham as soon as they moved.

  7. Jacob and Kiersten have a heart for discipling youth Jacob and Kiersten approached Forward City's leadership in the winter to let them know they were interested in helping disciple youth. They are passionate about helping young people learn scripture, and encouraging them to trust and obey Christ. Their prayer is that the Holy Spirit would take deep root in the hearts of young people, that they would know God deeply, and His heart would become their heart.

  8. Jacob is a timely answer to prayer Forward City Church applied for the Canada Summer Student grant in January, and prayed that God would provide a meaningful employee for us to bless, and who would provide value to our team. Until he applied, we did not realize Jacob qualified for the position, and we were thrilled to find out he was just young enough to have his contract covered by the Canada Summer Student grant. If he was one year older, this would not have been possible, and we know God worked that out perfectly.

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