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Holy Week Day 3 - Tuesday

On Tuesday, Jesus and His followers traveled to the Mount of Olives where He delivered the Olivet Discourse, touching on the destruction of the temple and signs of the end of the age. If Monday’s arrival in the temple was an all-inclusive, living parable of cleansing God’s house, Tuesday’s entrance is a direct, verbal confrontation with the appointed leadership. After Jesus communicates that He doesn’t regard these leaders as having any authority over Him, He spends the rest of the day right there in the temple, teaching the people God’s Word. But Tuesday afternoon is the last time Jesus publicly teaches in the temple as a free man.


Gracious God, as Jesus clearly shared, the two greatest commandments are to love You with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength and to love others as ourselves. Please remind us of these commandments today as a blueprint for our lives. Show us how every thought, belief, and action can align with these commandments, and help us test everything in the light of Your love. Thank You for Jesus’ willingness to follow You in perfect obedience - even obedience to the cross. We can never repay You for the amazing gift of salvation You provided, but we can live according to the greatest commandments. We offer this prayer of love today - first for You and then for others. In Jesus’ holy name, amen. Music

If you're looking for Easter music, here's a playlist of recommendations -- FC Holy Week Worship.


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