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Holy Week Day 5 - Thursday

Thursday begins with John and Peter securing the upper room. There, Jesus washes His disciples’ feet, explaining He is there to make them clean.

During this last supper, Jesus sets apart the Passover bread and cup and perfects their meaning. The bread is His body. The cup, His blood. This meal will no longer remind them of God’s deliverance primarily from the external tyranny of Pharaoh, but from the internal tyranny of their own guilt and sin against God.

Jesus prays for his friends and those who will come to know Him through them, that His Father would make them one. Then Jesus and His friends leave for the Mount of Olives to pray. But He isn’t there only to pray. He is also there to wait for His betrayer.

The events of this day are recorded in Matthew 26:17–75, Mark 14:12–72, Luke 22:7–71, John 13:1–18:27


Father God, Jesus demonstrated humble service in washing the feet of the apostles and humble obedience in submitting to Your will. May we be like Him today as we serve those around us and live for You. We humble ourselves before You.

Help us today to remember Your body and blood that was given for us. You died in our place, and Your blood was sacrificed for our atonement. Please help this sink deeply into our hearts as we recall the joy of our salvation. We cannot thank You enough for dying in our place and saving us from sin and death. In the name of Jesus, amen.


If you're looking for Easter music, here's a playlist of recommendations -- FC Holy Week Worship.


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