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Holy Week Day 4 - Wednesday

On Wednesday, Jesus is in the home of Simon the Leper — a man known for his defects. During their meal together, Mary of Bethany comes to Jesus with an alabaster flask of perfume. She’s been saving this perfume, worth a year’s wages, for this exact occasion. She begins pouring it on Jesus’s head and feet. She is offering Jesus everything she has. Immediately after this, Judas strikes his deal to betray Jesus to the Pharisees.

The events of this day are recorded Matthew 26:6–16, Mark 14:3–11, Luke 22:3–6.


Father God, as the woman in Bethany anointed Jesus with perfume, so we demonstrate our devotion through praise today. You are holy and just. You are beautiful and wise. You are merciful and full of grace. We praise the beautiful name of Jesus. Please help us be generous in our offerings. Help us release our tight grip on earthly treasures and store up treasures in heaven where moths and rust cannot destroy. Open our hands to the poor and open our doors to our neighbours. Most of all, open our hearts to You anew, filling us with a deeper understanding of who You are - the Saviour of the world. In Your precious name, we pray, amen.


If you're looking for Easter music, here's a playlist of recommendations -- FC Holy Week Worship.


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